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Photo by Elizabeth Thorpe 

Audiences across the world have gravitated toward Dani Mari's beautifully haunting voice and simplistic elegant lyrics.  Her ethereal vocals transport listeners to an era of nostalgia which exists within the depths of her soul.


Dani Mari is a multi-genre music producer and visual artist that works with artists from all over the world.  She produced two albums as Primitive Heart with Rosana Cabán (Psychic Twin, Cosas Cosas) and her love for shoegaze has brought about collaborations with Violentene, Omega Vague, Xeresa, Forever Vessels, Dwight Remington, Brooklyn Shanti (Someplace Called Brooklyn) more. 


As a visual artist, Dani Mari creates live visuals for her performances and other events.  She is a huge horror fan and created a series of songs & horror films inspired by Dario Argento's movies about witches (Suspiria, Inferno & Mother of Tears) with Johnny Butler for Cruel Beauty Productions & premiered them at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.


Dani Mari is the founder of Female Frequency, a community dedicated to empowering female, transgender & non-binary artists through the creation of music that is entirely female generated.  She created an album made entirely by women with co-founders I Am Snow Angel & Claire London, Madame Gandhi, Ryat and many other female producers & engineers.  


-"Mari's vocals seemingly casting a spell." - WXPN


-“Dani Mari’s angelic vocal sweeps over its accompaniment, sometimes mildly distorted in its layers it adds a wash of mystery.” - The 405


-“Give a lot of credit to Dani Mari’s vocals, soft enough to evoke that whimsical innocence and strong enough to stand out against the sky-sized, sun-drenched melody.” 

- A Cosmic Soundscape


-"a perfect combination of shimmering, angular 80’s alternative and Dani's sweet, earthy and soulful ethereal voice." - Fade Away Radiate


Dani Mari is also the founder of Synth Switch (Synth Inspired Events & Record Label), Brookladelphia (curated live events that encourage creativity, community, and collaboration of the arts in multiple locations) and she is the VP of GrindEthos, Marketing Director for Dot Time Records and NY Chapter Leader for Soundgirls.

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