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Female Frequency is a community dedicated to supporting and amplifying women and gender-expansive individuals in the music industry through educational events, networking, and collaborative recording projects.

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We made an album created entirely by women, start to finish --

this means that all writing, instrumentation, arrangement, performance, production, engineering, mixing, mastering, marketing and visual media were carried out by women. 

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Meet the Founders
Dani Mari- Founder

Dani Mari is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and founder of Female Frequency.  She was interested in working with a female producer for her next album and noticed in her initial search that there were not many female producers or female owned recording studios. She reached out to Women in Music to find a female producer and met fellow WIM member I Am Snow Angel. The idea of collaborating together grew into an all female recording project. Every part of the recording process from beginning to end and beyond will be completed by a female. I Am Snow Angel suggested Claire London as another female to collaborate with and Female Frequency was born.  Dani Mari is a vocalist and lyricist for the songs featured on the Female Frequency collaborative album.  She is currently in the process of producing her own dreamgaze album as Primitive Heart


I Am Snow Angel- Co-Founder

Julie Kathryn is a recording artist and multi-instrumentalist who performs and produces music under the moniker I AM SNOW ANGEL. She has been featured in MusicTech Magazine, TapeOp, American Songwriter, Magnetic Mag, and Refinery 29 for her “fluorescent beats and emotionally charged melodies” and “dedication to craft.” She is a prolific and imaginative producer, and a sound designer for Ableton, Cherry Audio, Bandlab and more.


Claire London- Co-Founder

Claire London is a songwriter, vocalist and co-founder of Female Frequency.  She is based in LA and hosts workshops on the west coast.  She is a vocalist and lyricist for the songs featured on the Female Frequency collaborative album.


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